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Production process
Product Research & Development
We always attach great importance on research and fabric development and has a professional product development team. Through market research, we aim to grasp the latest trends and understand the customer needs. Meanwhile, we actively try new technologies and use new materials to develop series of novel and fashionable high-quality fabrics, regularly promoting fabrics to customers and realizing product updates and upgrades.
Warp Knitting & Circular Knitting
The warp-knitting machines of Dejun are Karl Mayer made in Germany. The knitting machines cover all the gauges of the warp-knitting products.
Since 2014, our company has increased the investment in circular knitting. Up to now, the production has expanded to 200 sets, including single jersey and double-side machines. Dejun has cooperated with professional software development companies to input equipment parameters and relevant information into the ERP system in time and automatically, so as to realize machine connection and information connection.
Dyeing Sample
We will give priority tocooperate with dyeing auxiliaries brands such as DYSTA, HUNTSMAN, TANA, etc. These brand suppliers can not only provide high-quality products, but also provide some technical development and support to meet the needs of our customers of different brands.
The sample room can provide the color swatches accurately and fast for customers to confirm , and provide accurate and effective formula and dyeing process for the mass production of Dyeing and Finishing Department.
Dyeing and Finishing
Dejun’s dyeing is divided into beam dye and jet dye. We have introduced Italian beam dye machine and Japanese jet dye machine, which are suitable for the production of different kinds of fabrics to achieve the best dyeing effect. The whole production process follows the principle of energy conservation and environmental protection.
The finishing workshop is equipped with several washing machines, scouring machines, setting machines as well as advanced automatic feeding system.
Quality Control
We believe that continuous and reliable delivery of quality products to customers is the key to success. Quality control procedures are implemented throughout the production process from raw material procurement to finished packaging.
The laboratory has an independent temperature and humidity room, which can provide a full set of color fastness test for swimwear, sportswear and underwear, along with most of the physical performance test.
Our company has passed ISO 9001 certification, OEKO-TEX 100 certification, ISO 14001 certification and ISO IATF 16949 certification.It is expected to complete GRS certification in November 2019.
Brush Process
Dejun has introduced advanced Italian equipment of brush and carbon brush, which is suitable for the raising of elastic knitting fabrics. Through strict internal quality control, the fabric thickness increases and feels soft and comfortable.
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