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Green production
With continuous investment and innovation, Dejun has established a long-term sustainable relationship with nature, society, employees and customers through practical and reliable actions. The ecological production and operation of green environmental protection enables us to develop more harmoniously with society and nature. It provides a more healthy and safe working environment for employees and more healthy and safe products for the world.
Sewage treatment
Investment in the high standard sewage treatment system. The actual COD discharge after use was 80mg/L, 1.5 times lower than the local government standard (200mg/L).The reclaimed water reuse project has been built and is expected to be put into operation in the near future, and the reclaimed water reuse rate can reach 50% after use.
Coal to gas treatment
Since November 2015, the manufacture energy-using of Dejun is 100% clean natural gas. Now we have 2 natural gas thermal oil furnaces with 6 million kcal, which is in line with the national strategy. Among them, the emission of SO2 is almost reduced to zero.
Solar power treatment
The 2.1-megawatt rooftop photovoltaic panels generate 10 percent of the plant's electricity during the day.
Recycled yarn and reused packaging materials
Dejun cooperates with upstream yarn suppliers to purchase the latest environmental-friendly yarns to realize the upgrading and transformation of products and improve its added value.At the same time, we cooperate with downstream garment factories to recycle and reuse the packaging materials, so that we can improve resource utilization and realize sustainable development.
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